Michael Henry

1. What years did you attend AYF



2. Did you go to Waterton? If so, what years or how many years did you go?



3. What year did you graduate? And from where?

OHS 1989


4. We would love to have a brief history of your post high school until now (hobbies, occupation, kids, where you’ve lived). Has anyone won a gold medal? We would love to reconnect and catch up with each other lives.

Shirley wants this so we know a little bit about each other before we can get together. Then we can just have fun, since all the pertinent details are already known. We want to publish all these biographies on a private blog through Kim’s business website. We will give everyone the link to the page when it is all set up. So send in your info!


After high school I attended CBC - graduated with a B.Th. in 1994. Got married that same year to Kerri, and moved to Prince George (BC) to become a Youth Pastor. We were in PG almost exactly 6 years (1994-2000). My oldest daughter Amaris was born in 1999. Moved to Abbotsford, attended school again, this time in trade school to get my automotive ticket. Began attending Aldergrove Alliance Church, where we have been now for 18 years. Our daughter Danae was born in 2001. I’ve worked since then in private auto shops and for almost 10 years at a Honda dealership. Now I work for the RCMP, building police cars (I know, that sounds really cool, and I get to drive them and play with the siren). Kerri works for Employment Insurance as a fraud investigator. Amaris just finished her first year at TWU in theatre. Danae is finishing grade 11 - at the time of the reunion, she will be in Ontario attending an aircraft maintenance/technology camp - she is planning to become an aeronautical engineer (designing airplanes).

Hobbies… too many, probably. Music would be number one on the list. I play a few instruments. I play drums in church most Sundays, and I also play drums in a grunge band. And I ride my motorcycle every chance I get. I am planning to ride to the reunion, so I hope it doesn’t rain.

Looking forward to the reunion weekend. It coincides nicely with the end of my holidays this summer.

I didn’t attach family photos before - here are some…



This is my youngest daughter Danae, out camping and looking chic.





This is my oldest daughter Amaris. She likes shiny things.





This is me and my dog Chloe.





This is me and my wife Kerri. We just celebrated 24 years. Still don’t know how I managed to win her heart, but so glad I did!






This is all of us skating after our Christmas Eve service. We are all fairly tall…

I’ll just answer this question now: I am 6’6”. Kerri is 5’11". Amaris is 5’10”. Danae is 6’3”.






This is me and my girls just being… normal (for us).