Larry Mikulcik


PURPOSE: We are trying to put together a timeline. Therefore, we would love for you to answer the following questions!


1. What years did you attend AYF



2. Did you go to Waterton? If so, what years or how many years did you go?

Nope I didn’t.


3. What year did you graduate? And from where?

1976 From OHS


4. We would love to have a brief history of your post high school until now (hobbies, occupation, kids, where you’ve lived). Has anyone won a gold medal? We would love to reconnect and catch up with each other lives.

Shirley wants this so we know a little bit about each other before we can get together. Then we can just have fun, since all the pertinent details are already known. We want to publish all these biographies on a private blog through Kim’s business website. We will give everyone the link to the page when it is all set up. So send in your info!


Larry’s History


Larry attended the University of Saskatchewan 1976-1980 earning a B.Ed. and began teaching in Viscount, Sask. from 1980 -1988 marrying Margaret Schmeling in 1982. Moved to Saskatoon in 1988 and worked as a professional dance teacher at Arthur Murrays from 1988 to 1994. Larry re-entered the classroom in Strasbourg, Sk in 1994, was transferred to Raymore in 1995, and was transferred back to Strasbourg in 1998 where he taught through the rest of his career retiring from teaching after 30 years in 2016. During the years in Strasbourg and Raymore Larry and Margaret shared a home in Saskatoon and Larry lived in Raymore and Strasbourg during the weeks when he taught school. Since 2016 Larry has been working for the Horizon School Division as a Curriculum Coach part time. During his career Larry was a finalist for the 2004 Governor General’s History Teachers Medal, was the recipient of the 2015 National Cantor Kraus Catalyst for Change Award from the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem (for Holocaust Education), was the recipient of the 2015 Government of Canada History Teachers Award.


Larry was also very involved in the community of Strasbourg while teaching there. He was a member of the museum board, is still a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, and was an actor and director with the Last Mountain Theatre Company. Larry was involved in many productions over his years in Strasbourg acting in and directing many productions. As a theatre company member he directed and acted in the Provincial winner of the One Act festival in 2000 winning: Best Technical Production, Best Director, and Best Play for the play Dracula: the Death of Nosferatu. Another play that Larry directed in 2012, and which received great acclaim, was Pilots of the Purple Twilight telling the story of the Titanic in the 100th anniversary year. He directed or acted in several competition plays, and was heavily involved in planning, preparing, and acting in the Last Mountain Theatre Company’s numerous Haunted House fundraisers.


Since retiring Larry and Margaret have acquired the Dan Cutting home quarter where they are currently restoring the 110-year-old house. Larry and Margaret spend a significant part of the year enjoying the serenity of the farm where their pet dogs can run and play freely.


5. We want pictures!! Do you have old AYF pictures? Do you have a recent pic of your family? Send us what you got! Pictures will be for a slide show we would like to have in the evenings. We will have a dropbox link for you to send those.