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Saskmade Food

Buy Local!

We have always wanted to support Saskatchewan, a great province with so much potential. As a business, we have always supported those within the food industry who would like to grow that industry in this province.

How can we do that? Buy Local!!

We carry an assortment of products where the ingredients have been grown right here in Saskatchewan and the end product was made right here in Saskatchewan! We are a province full of innovative and creative people from the pioneer stock that founded this province.

Can you have a fruit orchard in Saskatchewan? Yes, you can! Among the products we carry, we have seen farmers produce on a commercial scale everything from apples to zucchini and everything in between. We carry jams and jellies, teas and syrups. It always amazes me how many things can actually be grown in this province. Next time you are in the store, why don’t you take a minute to look at all the food that is produced right here in good old Saskatchewan!
— Kim Olson, Owner


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