Terry Fonstad

1. What years did you attend AYF - 1978-82ish
2. Did you go to Waterton? If so, what years or how many years did you go? - 1978-1981???
3. What year did you graduate? And from where? 1982 from Outlook Highshcool
4. We would love to have a brief history of your post high school until now (hobbies, occupation, kids,
where you’ve lived). Has anyone won a gold medal? We would love to reconnect and catch up with
each other lives.
Shirley wants this so we know a little bit about each other before we can get together. Then we can just
have fun, since all the pertinent details are already known. We want to publish all these biographies on
a private blog through Kim’s business website. We will give everyone the link to the page when it is all
set up. So send in your info!
5. Brief History - Terry Fonstad- After graduation I moved to Saskatoon and apprenticed for finishing
carpentry. I did kitchen renovations and various construction projects until the fall of 1984 when I
enrolled in Physical Education at the University of Saskatchewan. At the last minute I switched to
Engineering. I started dating Sandra in 1987 and graduated from Engineering in spring of 1988.
Sandra and I married in September of 1989. I worked as a Project Engineer for UMA Engineering in
Saskatoon until June of 1996 and also completed a Masters Degree in Engineering the same date. I took
a faculty position in the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan July 1996. I earned a
PhD from the UofS in 2004. I currently research and teach in the Environmental Engineering program
and am the Interim Associate Dean Research for the College of Engineering. Sandra and I live near
Clavet, SK where we have a horse stables with her mom and dad. Sandra is an equestrian athlete
primarily on the west coast and NW US and I build stuff like old cars and lately have been trying to
learn to golf.