Darrel M


- i would like to apologize to anyone who i mistreated when i was a teenage idiot half the time.  
- went to CBC 2 yrs  then U of S for BSPE
- married my wonderful wife Cheryl in ’88, moved to Cranbrook, BC 2003
- Cheryl works in lab at hospital, i work @ Mission thriftstore & public library.
- 2 sons: Derek (20yrs) looking to get into RCMP, Connor (18yrs) looking to get into nursing.
- attend Cranbrook Alliance church
- enjoy God’s great creation outdoors, hike, ski, kayak, etc.
- Cheryl & i still love Christian music, punk, hxc, etc.
- Thanks to Ray and Shirley for what a huge impact they had on my life.  Thank You!  Congrats on your your 50th.
- i have such great memories of you all.  i just want to encourage all of you to follow Christ with all your heart.