Natalie Fonstad

1. What years did you attend AYF 79-82

2. Did you go to Waterton? If so, what years or how many years did you go? No Arivd and Terry went

3. What year did you graduate? And from where? 1985 CaronPort High

4. We would love to have a brief history of your post high school until now (hobbies, occupation, kids, where you’ve lived). Has anyone won a gold medal? We would love to reconnect and catch up with each other lives.

Shirley wants this so we know a little bit about each other before we can get together. Then we can just have fun, since all the pertinent details are already known. We want to publish all these biographies on a private blog through Kim’s business website. We will give everyone the link to the page when it is all set up. So send in your info!

After graduating, I moved to Saskatoon and had a job and 2 part time jobs,

-87 went to Saskatoon Business Collage took Accounting

- Worked for UMA Engineering LTD for 7 yrs , during that time I met my husband Clint ( who was and is a truck driver hauling fertilizer and grain).

- We got married July of 1991,

- Benjamin, 02-08-93

- Kaylee, 25-03-95

- Landon 25-09-98

- Jan 1997 we moved to Hanley, SK and have raised our family here.

- Boys were very busy with hockey throughout the years, which was our social life and traveled around the Province

- I went back to “work” at UMA/AECOM for 3 yrs then they moved the accounting department down East, worked at CP Distributor for 5yrs and then decided the driving wasn’t worth it and got a job here in Hanley with Thall’s Service Centre. Now I can walk or ride my bike to work!

- Ben is 25 this yr., he manages the TIM’S in Davidson and plays men’s senior hockey

- Kaylee 23 will finishing her 4th year on Nursing at Sask Poly Tec

_ Landon is working in the City, landscaping, and cement work. He is tried to get into Brandon’s Fire Fighting School, He is on the volunteer department here.