Kim Green


What years did you attend AYF?   1979-1982

2. Did you go to Waterton? If so, what years or how many years did you go? I think I went 1979 & 1980

3. What year did you graduate? And from where?  1982 OHS

4. We would love to have a brief history of your post high school until now (hobbies, occupation, kids, where you’ve lived). Has anyone won a gold medal? We would love to reconnect and catch up with each other lives.

Shirley wants this so we know a little bit about each other before we can get together. Then we can just have fun, since all the pertinent details are already known. We want to publish all these biographies on a private blog through Kim’s business website. We will give everyone the link to the page when it is all set up. So send in your info!

After graduation high school, I moved to Saskatoon and went to Saskatoon Business College. I graduated from there the following April and married Paul in May of 1983 (35 years this year!) We lived in Warman, SK for a couple of years before moving back to Outlook. Paul and I were working with my dad growing vegetables and doing landscaping work. We had our daughter, Tori in June of 1987 and our son, Travis in December of 1988 and Scott in November of 1992. I chose to stay at home for the most part. I did take up sewing as a way to help with the household income. A job I still do today, hemming and alterations, though I mostly do wedding and grad dresses now and have hired someone else to do the smaller stuff. Paul worked for a company called Quadra as a project manager building intensive hog operations here in the province from 1992-2002 and then took a job with IRON Solutions from 2002-20013. I continued to help both my mom and dad in their businesses while being at home. My dad started a small greenhouse selling plants and continuing to do landscaping. My mom wanted to retire so we consolidated what was still viable from the craft and hobby store and made a business called Broderick Garden Centre. In January 2012, I bought the business from my dad and a year later, I asked Paul to jump on board with me! Our daughter, Tori is married and is a lab tech here in Outlook. Her and her husband, Chad have two of the cutest kids ever!! Charlie who is 5 and Chace who is almost 3. Travis is married and living in Saskatoon. He works at Import Auto Service at the front desk and is currently taking a accounting course online. Scott has worked two years at Google in Seattle and is currently waiting for his Irish immigration papers so he can start a new job in Dublin, Ireland.

Though these are the facts of our lives, there is much that has transpired in those years, both good and bad. But I am always grateful to God for the impact Ray and Shirley have had on my life starting so many years ago. A legacy that will live on until the Lord returns!

I look forward to talking and visiting with many of you in just a few short weeks!